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This environment was used to train the interview skills of border guards. It is reported that there was an increase in average marks from 58% to 86%.



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Microsoft’s Games Get Serious

Reena Jana " It’s the first time a major software company has entered the "serious"—or nonentertainment—games arena with a product to help other corporations build their own employee-training video games in-house via a simple, Windows-based program. And priced at only $799 per license, Microsoft ESP poses a cost-effective threat to smaller studios that develop custom games—at a cost of $500,000 and up per game—for corporations, hospitals, and the armed forces."

From my point of view, Microsoft is a bit late in joining the race for plastic virtual worlds i.e. those that can be modified by customers (ideally). Good thing is that it is increasingly easier to convince people that there is indeed a market for "serious games".

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The International Virtual Association of Surgeons Conference in Second Life! « ScienceRoll

The International Virtual Association of Surgeons (iVAS) is pleased to announce its inaugural conference. This will be held on 22nd April 2008, exclusively in Second Life.

The conference will be run in the same manner as a real-world conference, with key note addresses from internationally recognized leaders in the fields of surgical robotics, simulation and education. The editorial board consist of experts in the field from Imperial College London, Professor Ara Darzi and Professor Guang-Zhong Yang and Professor Blake Hannaford from the University of Washington.

The abstract call on surgical technology, robotics, simulation and education is primarily but not exclusively aimed at international surgical scientists. All submissions will be most welcome, and the deadline is on the 20th January 2008.

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Online Tutoring

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This is another interesting outsourcing success story. A lot of us, am sure, have thought about the possibility of outsourcing the ‘Tuition Industry’ which is pretty well established in many developing countries. It will be interesting to see whether this will catch up. As far as I know, students in the West (US/UK) are not too keen on transferring classroom activities to the home. I think what will make this service a success is the fact that provides ‘learning on demand’ so that folks get to learn when they want. I also think they offer a personal tutor too, so this does look to be more sophisticated than just accessing a website with educational content.

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This is another great explanatory video from the commoncraft show. Make sure you check it out especially if you are not very familiar with wikis.

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The game industry for some years have pointed the way towards more innovative and engaging teaching methodologies. It is clear that ‘engagement’ is something successful game designers know about. Before long, we will certainly see those elements injected in ‘serious’ education efforts. Are we anywhere close to having physicians, doctors, residents, nurses and other health care professionals learn using such tools? What are the barriers that are still currently in place that slow down adoption of these tools? Are the barriers really more technical than cultural? What do you think?


Review of the ‘game’ on amazon.com

Cure a cold, or amputate an arm, all without cracking open a bottle of pills or getting bloody. The latest in the Trauma Center series of games by Atlus, Trauma Center: Second Opinion lets you play the surgeon in an exciting medical drama simulation game. You’ll need to cure patients of

Your the doctor. Time to heal the sick! You might even save some lives. View larger.

Make life or death decisions. View larger.

Fix those broken bones. View larger.

There’s even hospital gossip. View larger.

everything from routine medical maladies to life-threatening designer viruses.

Game Storyline
Sure, we’ve all imagined what it would be like to become a doctor. Years of medical school, residency, and clinic duty eventually pay off in a rewarding position saving people’s lives. Or, you could skip all that and just put in a few hours after dinner. Trauma Center puts you in the position of having to make life or death choices at the operating table.

Heart surgery and tumor removal might look easy from the morphine end, but how do you think the doctor feels? Well, you’re going to find out! In Trauma Center, patients’ lives are in your hands. You’ll experience all the drama we’ve come to expect from the medical field. So go ahead, toss on some scrubs and step into the O.R.–it’s time to play doctor.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion, is a robust “Wii-make” of the game “Under the Knife,” and features a totally revamped medical toolkit that includes scalpels, forceps, defibrillator paddles, syringes, and more–all designed specifically for use with the Wii Remote.

Other game features include new graphics and animation, new and remixed musical themes, new surgical implements (including a defibrillator), and operation types, a second playable character with all-new missions, multiple difficulty modes for gamers of all skill levels, and a revised control system that takes full advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote.

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Playing video games has never been considered exercise, but researchers at the Mayo Clinic have issued a study expressing tacit approval for the concept behind Nintendo’s new Wii video game console. The researchers concluded that, if kids are going to spend hours playing video games, it’s better for them to play games that require them to move, rather than just sit on the couch. The study is published in the current issue of the medical journal Pediatrics.


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