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We are seeing more and more games designed to include user created content. Spore is one example, LittleBigPlanet is another.


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YouTube for games

WeGame.com – Show Your Gameimage

WeGame is a new service that facilitates the recording of videos captured while you are playing your favorite game or acting out machinimas in your games. You are also provided with a little WeGame client that facilitates the capturing of your scenes. Video capture can significantly hit FPS and you will notice that a few settings tweaks are needed to get good results. So not exactly a one click operation but once you are happy with a given recording setting you should be all right. For the time being, I will continue to use FRAPS for my machinima needs. WeGame also provides facilities for uploading video files and of course allows rating, community building and the creation of your own channels and so on.

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Playing video games has never been considered exercise, but researchers at the Mayo Clinic have issued a study expressing tacit approval for the concept behind Nintendo’s new Wii video game console. The researchers concluded that, if kids are going to spend hours playing video games, it’s better for them to play games that require them to move, rather than just sit on the couch. The study is published in the current issue of the medical journal Pediatrics.


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“But on a recent trip to a bowling alley, Ms. Neary, a production manager at the South Philly Review, knocked down pins like a trophy winner even though it had been ages since she had rented bowling shoes. She credits her newfound skill to an unlikely source: three months of playing Wii bowling, a Nintendo video game.”


This is by no means a large scale study of course, but I can bet a lot of similar experiences will be reported in the near future.

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