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The tangible interface movement started as an effort to move away from  virtual graphic user interfaces to more organic ‘touchable’ interfaces. And the two interfaces below attempt to illustrate that. While they intrinsically provide opportunities for collaborative interactions, for e.g. you could have 2 more DJs move the balls, I think putting balls in holes to trigger optical switches might not necessarily be a plus. I think it would have been far easier to have have small windows that could be flicked, or slid open and shut with tiny finger movements, rather than having to pick the ball and place it in the right hole. Having flickable switches on a board could be easily mounted on top of a synthesizer and guitar and allow a musician to create loops in real-time. The two designs shown will not be able to be used as an overlay on a musical instrument.

Peter Bennett – Projects

Bubblegum Sequencer – Making Music With Candy


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Interactive technology is getting infused into learning at an unprecedented speed. Learning to play the guitar is getting easier with Guitar wizard. The same principle can be applied to all instruments. 

Check out this other example showing a player with the drum kit from www.rockband.com. One would just need to wait for somebody to rig up a ‘real’ drum set with the right sensors and you will get a very cool drum learning kit. Or perhaps just keep the current interface but pump out MIDI to a cool drum sound rendering engine, and you can have a lot of fun for a long while.

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Or eJamming. I found this video clip about the state of the eJamming early last year, am presenting it now because the technology found its way into a CES presentation this year Virtual Smash Mouth Jam Planned for Intel Keynote. Things must have changed a lot since then but I think the original video is still very informative. I am aware that there was a group in Second Life that also expressed interest in adding MIDI support to the platform. Concerts, dance parties are fairly big in Second Life and I hope that we will see collaborative music performances as well. The question is whether MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the only way to go. Perhaps in the future, when bandwidth will no longer be an issue 🙂 or audio compression algos are good enough for audio streams with reasonably predictable delays, we might not even need MIDI.

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Wii Drums video

This is a pretty cool video of how folks are experimenting with the Wii. It certainly looks like in the few years to come, people will realize the importance of ‘physicality’ of interactions and how we will be slowly moving away from the computer screen. Whoever will come forth and say: ‘kids need to get out more and stay away from computer games’ will look dumb because the nature of computer games will have evolved.

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