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Nicola Tesla- short bio

I remember visiting a science museum in Washington D.C. years ago, 2001 or so, and the space dedicated to Nicola Tesla’s contributions was really tiny compared to that use for exhibits describing Thomas Edison’s work. In any case, this clip gives some information about Tesla’s work, but as expected, there is a bit of ‘drama’ added to spice things up.


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Cool Tool Motion Mountain

I found a cool graph from the book Motion Mountain, Inspiring Physics textbook.

It attempts to show areas which are beyond current science. It is interesting to see that even within current physics paradigms  a lot more is not known than known.


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It is increasingly apparent that in most cases, a lot of headway has been made in science and technology as a result of collaborations, some overt and others unacknowledged. Thus, it is understandable that many would cringe at the idolization of specific individuals for given achievements. Of course there may be exceptions. So in this story from Wired News (Wired News – AP News), it appears that Bell was not the only person working on the phone, there were many others …"Perhaps the most instructive lesson comes when Shulman explores why historical memory has favored Bell and not Gray – nor German inventor Philipp Reis, who beat them both with 1860s telephones that employed a different principle."

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