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I was looking for a peaceful musical ambience for my office and I think Chaurasia fits the bill for now.


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It is not often that anyone would think of Jiglu as an introspection tool. But that’s the way I use it and you will see how. Jiglu automatically tags your blog and reflects what you are blogging about. In my experience, the generated tags appear to reflect better the content rather than the tags I create myself to describe the content of a post.image

People with a very wide range of interest often find it difficult to classify/categorize this body of information because everything seems to be so connected. Jiglu’s automated tagging can be of great help here because when the tags are generated they often generate a pattern that might not have been accessible to the writers themselves. Jiglu provides a view tag map, which appears to be inspired by Ben Schneiderman’s Tree map, and this visualization certainly becomes more and more useful over time as it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of what you are blogging about. The Jiglu widget will be a great addition to your blog. Go get it now.


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I have been looking for a simple application to track how I spend my time in front of the computer. There are a couple of good applications out there. I tried Rescue Time http://www.rescuetime.com/ but soon gave up because even though it is far more powerful, it requires regular data uploads from your machine to RescueTime servers and am not too confident about that even if you get to see what data is being uploaded. I checked out an alternative TimeTrack Free Edition from  http://www.bitcomputing.com/ and so far it has provided more insights into my daily activities. The neat thing is that with this application, you are pretty sure your data is not being sent elsewhere.

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I was checking out an Indian Outsourcing service outlet getfriday.com. I was a little amused to find among a list of things being outsourced, the following:

  • Reading bedtime stories to a young child on phone
  • Apologizing and sending flowers and cards on their behalf to spouses of clients.
  • Getting a job for a person who lost his job due to outsourcing a year back. We did the job search, did the cover letters, did the resume tuning and got the client a job in 30 days. (Hilarious)
  • Buying underwear on behalf of a client (online purchase only, of course).
  • Research on how to tie a shoe lace meant for a child (client’s son).

I think if there is a market for such things point to a shift in how people set priorities in the more affluent parts of the world.

Some of the less controversial ones are:

  • Managing recruitment processes
  • Posting job vacancies on the web
  • Proof reading and editing documents for spelling and formatting
  • Scheduling interviews and meetings

Get Friday – Services – Our Common and rarer services

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Blue tooth guy

Thought this is funny

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